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Find cheap hotels in Basildon for Ingatestone Hall. Save up to 70% on late deals.

The first historical reference to Basildon is in records from 1086, when it was known as 'Belesduna'. Find a Basildon hotel or B&B close to Ingatestone Hall, Marsh Farm Country Park, Tropical Wings, Langdon Visitor's Centre and Ancinet Woodland, RHS Garden Hyde Hall, Basildon Park and Thurrock.

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Premier Inn (East Mayne)

Felmores Basildon Essex SS13 1BW

Contrary to expectations, erstwhile 70s comedian Lenny Henry won’t be sinking his plump, cuddly torso onto your king-sized bed at any point during your stay, nor helping you with your luggage. And that’s no bad thing. Premier Inn has now pretty much cornered the market in providing crisp, clean budget bed breakfast accommodation. And if it is a ‘no-frills’ brand you really wouldn’t notice it, not with an all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast at the adjacent Beefeater Watermi ...

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Premier Inn (East Mayne) 2.4 Basildon 32 51.00
Campanile Hotel 1.1 Basildon 97 41.65
Chichester Hotel 5 Basildon 36 70.00
Holiday Inn Basildon 2 Basildon 70 64.00
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You will find two or three budget hotels in basildon around Northlands Park and the Burnt Mills Industrial Estate. Our online travel merchants who provide bookings and reservations up to and including the day of departure for business and holiday guests alike. Consult the Essex Tourist Board Website for a further reading or call the Basildon Tourist Centre on 01708 863733 for further Basildon hotels and b&b breaks.

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