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Abbey Hotel

84 Battle East Sussex TN33 0AQ

It’s not a glamorous option by any means but its location on the A2100 makes it practical for business folk tending their wares around Hastings and East Sussex or travellers looking for a lively base to explore the region. Fiercely proud of its English roots and heritage, the Abbey Hotel is a family-run pub-with-rooms property in Battle Town Centre, virtually next-door to Yesterdays World Museum and within walking distance of the 11th Century abbey. Seven comfortable bedrooms are on offer w ...

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Name Miles Region Rooms Price Type
Name Miles Region Rooms Type ? Type ?
Abbey Hotel 0.2 Battle 7 75.00
Buenos Aires Guest House 5.3 Battle 5 65.00
Sedlescombe Golf Hotel 2.1 Sedlescombe 20 70.00
Brickwall Hotel 2.4 Battle 25 65.00
Claverton House 2.5 Battle 6 68.00
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