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This seafront city is home to a bright and beautiful mélange of designer bed & breakfast lodgings, perfect for mini-breaks and super sexy holidays. Brighton is a popular English port town overlooking the English Channel. It is a proud, eclectic mix of grand seafront crescents and elegant squares and terraces. Check out these hotels and guest houses handpicked from the chic Artists’ Quarter and the flamboyant Kemp Town village. Kemp Town is to Brighton what Bollinger is to Champagne. Welcome to the pleasure dome!

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4 New Steine Brighton New Steine Sussex BN2 1PB

What’s not to like about this ‘well-rounded option in the fashionable Kemp Town district? Square by name but not by nature this super sexy property may just be the best designed place in Hove. There’s a general tendency amongst designer gaffs to add so many bells and whistles that the basic principles of lodging often get overlooked. Located just a few yards from Marine Parade and Brighton’s fabulously buzzing seafront, this rejects the tactless, garish tendencies of your ave ...

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Name Miles Region Rooms Price Type
Name Miles Region Rooms Type ? Type ?
Square 0.5 Brighton New Steine 10 120.00
Hotel Pelirocco 1.1 Brighton West Pier 19 49.00
Sea Spray 0.6 Brighton Seafront 15 43.40
White House 0.7 Brighton Kemp Town 10 85.00
Hotel Una 1.2 Brighton Boutique 19 100.00
Brighton Pavilions 0.7 Brighton Kemp Town 10 68.00
Drakes Hotel 0.6 Brighton Seafront 20 104.50
Oriental 0.9 Brighton West Pier 9 70.00
myhotel Brighton 0.3 Brighton North Laine 80 39.00
Twenty One B&B 0.6 Brighton Kemp Town 8 70.00
Kemp Townhouse 0.7 Brighton Kemp Town 9 55.00
Blanch House 0.5 Brighton Kemp Town 12 82.00
Hotel du Vin 0.6 Brighton The Lanes 49 99.00
Hotel Seattle 2.1 Brighton Marina 71 79.00
Amherst 0.6 Brighton Kemp Town 10 59.00
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If truth were known, Brighton Rock could refer to any one of these three things: the anti-heroic exploits of Pinkie Brown in the novel by Graham Greene, the stick-shaped boiled confectionary stacked like incendiary devices in the gift-shops around the pier or the gorgeously eccentric ’geology’ of the town. The town’s Boutique hotels are a rich, flamboyant composite of attitudes and styles; a solid, enduring aggregate of ideals - in short, a bit of a melting pot. But whereas the intense, rolling pressures of an ever-changing tide will have shaped the rocks on Brighton seafront, the town itself remains somewhat immune from the vagaries of fashion and the weathering of time.

In a town that is broadly defined by a mishmash of French eclecticism and snooty Victoriana, Brighton has a refreshingly schizoid character: part-Clarice Cliff, part-Byron and part-Graham Norton. Kemp Town may have come a long way since the foundations of the black-tiled Royal Crescent were first laid in 1800s but its one constant feature remains: Brighton’s infinite variety. And a plentiful hotchpotch of hot-spots, bars and stores, cafes and antique shops all contribute to this.

It may seem something of an irony to us now, but there’s a cool, unexpected logic in the evolution of this town. How could such a lively, hedonistic and fiercely liberal ’gay capital’ emerge from the elegant squares and gardens of a quiet Victorian spa town? The explanation is rather simple; all those strict Victorian values, and all that barely contained passion demanded a dedicated escape route; and Brighton provided that route.

In a period of British history defined by abstinence and sobriety, Brighton bucked the trend and became a magnet for all manner of ’littérateurs’ and pleasure-seekers; the volcano just simply erupted. Thankfully, this lively bohemian quality remains intact, and none more so than in Kemptown, an attractive seafront village east of the city centre and bursting at the seams with an uber-cool assortment of funky 5-star gaffs.

She Said (Erotica) in the Kemp Town district is purrfect if you came to Brighton with a little bit of sauce on your mind. This kinky little hotel sits just across the way from the Thistle hotel should have you and yours purring like kittens in no time. Add it to your list of sex-tips.

Brighton’s dazzling aesthetic has endeared itself to millions; fabulously retro on the one hand and tirelessly progressive on the other. And though this smart Victorian town has endured changes over the years, one thing is certain at least: bite all the way down on that stick of seaside rock and it will still read ’Brighton’ at the bottom. Don’t stress and don’t delay, book a boutique hotel in Brighton today!

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