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Find cheap hotels in Buxton well placed for the Opera House, Spa & Springs. Save up to 70% on late deals.

Extended descriptions of all these hotels in Buxton can be found on the hotel booking pages. Buxton Opera House was designed by Frank Matcham who was also responsible for the London Palladium. Find a Buxton hotel or guesthouse for the Derbyshire Peak District the Raceway, the Opera House, Buxton Spa and Springs, Bakewell and the Pavillion Gardens.

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Grendon Guest House

Bishops Lane Buxton Derbyshire Dales and Peak District SK17 6UN

Grendon is 5 star and Gold award guesthouse accommodation in Buxton offering spacious and luxurious rooms with the warmest of welcomes. The hotel offers FREE WIFI in all bedrooms off road parking for all guest cars and an ambience in which to relax and soak up the in house specialties. The property’s quiet Buxton location within 15 minutes walk of the town centre and the surrounding peak district is particularly appreciated by the Grendon’s guests.

The hotel’s award winning ...

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Name Miles Region Rooms Price Type
Name Miles Region Rooms Type ? Type ?
Grendon Guest House 1 Buxton 5 80.00
Buxton Palace Hotel 0.1 Buxton 122 42.00
Alison Park Hotel 0.6 Buxton 17 75.00
Spring Cottage Bed and Breakfast 5.8 Buxton 2 85.00
Old Hall Hotel 0.2 Buxton 37 69.00
Buckingham Hotel 0.4 Buxton 37 62.50
Lee Wood Hotel 0.3 Buxton 38 51.75
Westminster Hotel 0.5 Buxton 12 50.00
Nats Kitchen 0.3 Buxton 5 60.00
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