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Full descriptions of all these hotels in Evesham can be found on the booking pages below. Beautiful old market town set on the banks of the tranquil River Avon known locally for its dazzling Spring displays of plum and apple tree blossom and charming tudor cottages. Find cheap hotels and guest houses in Evesham for the Almonry Heritage Centre, Evesham Vale Light Railway, The Bell Tower Abbey Park, High Street, Evesham Abbey, Bridge Street and the Riverside Shopping Centre.

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Premier Inn Evesham

Evesham Country Park, Evesham Worcestershire WR11 4TP

There's little point in over-stating the case; Premier Inn have a fab reputation for offering smooth and efficient budget stays to busy-people doing busy things. If you are condisering this as an option then chances are you have no need for leisure-facilities, babysitting services or three-course meals - you just need a convenient base with access to all the major travel routes. And that's exactly what you get with this. The A46 and A44 are all within minutes and Junctions 6, 7 and 8 of the M5 ...

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Name Miles Region Rooms Price Type
Name Miles Region Rooms Type ? Type ?
Premier Inn Evesham 1.4 Evesham 60 50.00
Dumbleton Hall Hotel 6.3 Dumbleton 34 85.00
Northwick Hotel 1.2 Evesham 29 59.00
Riverside Hotel and Restaurant 0.7 Evesham 11 49.00
Evesham Hotel 1.1 Evesham 36 80.00
Salford Hall Hotel 3.6 Evesham 34 58.50
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The original Dumbleton Hall in Evesham can be traced from around 1534 as the home of the Cocks family for over 200 years. After the death of Sir Richard Cocks in the late 18th century, the hall fell into disrepair and was eventually demolished. Rebuilt in the mid 19th century using Cotswold stone, Dumbleton hall became home to the Eyres family and in the 1930's the hall was well known for its popular house parties. Dumbleton Hall makes a great base for exploring the rolling hills and hidden valleys of the Cotswolds. Hotel rates from £60.00 per room.

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