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Sudbury is an ancient market town set in the heart of the beautiful Stour Valley in Suffolk and dating back to 799AD. The town Sudbury resides in a loop in the River Stour, a river made famous by Constable's paintings and the countryside immortalised by Gainsborough. Full descriptions of all these hotels in Sudbury are available on the hotel homepages. Find cheap hotels and bed and breakfasts in Sudbury for trips to Market Hill, North Street and the 15th century Otley Hall.

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Ship Stores

22 Callis Street Sudbury Suffolk CO10 1JS

Whether you are in town for a wedding or anniversary bash or just fancy having a look the Stour Valley, you’ll find this a practical and affable choice. Being in the centre of Clare - some 8 miles west of Sudbury - makes it easy to find and the pub garden makes it especially top-notch in the Summer. International visitors to Somerset will love the 17th Century timber frames and those looking for a little romance should be equally seduced by the super king-sized beds. Mini-bar and hairdryer. ...

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Name Miles Region Rooms Price Type
Name Miles Region Rooms Type ? Type ?
Ship Stores 8 Sudbury 7 68.00
Swan Hotel 5.4 Sudbury 51 80.00
Bull Hotel Long Melford 2.9 Sudbury 25 52.50
Hill Lodge 0.1 Sudbury 16 60.00
Black Lion Hotel And Restaurant 3.4 Sudbury 10 99.00
Case Restaurant With Rooms 3.5 Sudbury 7 59.00
Mill Hotel 0.4 Sudbury 62 45.00
Bulmer Tye House 2 Sudbury 3 45.00
Angel Hotel 8 Sudbury 8 19.00
Cabin Sudbury Bed & Breakfast 0.5 Sudbury 5 70.00
Bay Horse 0.2 Sudbury 45.00
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Room4U is not responsible for the contents of other sites suggested by any of these hotels in Sudbury. In terms of travel tips, clue in a visit to Gainsborough's House, once the home of the artist and it now homes an exhibition of his life and work. Live music is offered by the many local pubs in Sudbury including rock, acoustic and folk music nights. The Quay Theatre is a popular venue offering a year-round programme of dance, music, drama, film and children's theatre. Late deals and discounts are arranged by the hotel and at the discretion of our online travel merchants who supply bookings and reservations up to and including the date of departure.

Visit the Sudbury Tourist Board Website for a further reading or call the Tourist Information Centre on +44 (0) 1787 248207. The TV series Lovejoy was filmed here utilising the interesting alleys and streets of Sudbury. Gainsborough's House - now a museum and art gallery was the birthplace of Thomas Gainsborough. Room4U takes on a number of last-minute unsold rooms we can get huge discounts on Sudbury hotels and cheap bed & breakfast breaks.

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