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Windermere is a lively resort teeming with tea-shops, boat-rides and antique shops. Steamers and launches operate from Bowness Bay to Waterhead at Ambleside, and Lakeside at the southern end daily. Find cheap hotels in Windermere for Waterhead, Lakeside, the Steamboat Museum, St Martin's Church (14th C), Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway and Windermere Boat Trip.

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Phoenix Way Windermere Cumbria / South Lakelands LA23 1DB

Let’s get a few things straight from the start: Windermere the village is often confused with with Bowness-on-Windermere which is the busy tourist area immediately around the lake. It’s Bowness where you’ll find all the amusement arcades and fairgrounds. The village is where you’ll find a more laid-back cafe culture. The Hideaway Hotel can be found some 2 miles North of the Lake and occupies a quieter village location. There’s a very stylish boutique thing going on here. ...

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Name Miles Region Rooms Price Type
Name Miles Region Rooms Type ? Type ?
Hideaway 0.1 Windermere 11 84.00
Glenville House 0.6 Windermere 7 83.00
Southview Guest House 0.1 Windermere 10 77.00
Ellerthwaite Lodge 0.2 Windermere 15 74.00
Claremont 0.9 Windermere 3 66.00
Hillthwaite House Hotel 0.6 Windermere 34 84.00
Apart Hotel Oakdene 0.2 Windermere 3 150.00
Macdonald Old England Hotel Spa 1.2 Windermere 106 142.00
Belsfield Hotel 1.4 Windermere 64 179.00
Broadoaks Luxury Boutique Country House 1.2 Windermere 15 120.00
Lonsdale House 0.9 Windermere 10 95.00
Lindeth Howe Hotel 2.2 Windermere 36 83.72
Number 80 Bed Then Breakfast 0.9 Windermere 4 65.00
Beech Hill Hotel 4.3 Windermere 57 99.00
White Lodge Hotel 1 Windermere 12 75.00
St Johns Lodge 0.5 Windermere 12 71.00
Wheatlands Lodge 0.2 Windermere 9 125.00
Lickbarrow Lodge 1 Windermere 2 96.00
Hazeldene Guest House 0.9 Windermere 5 78.00
Nagoya Country House 1.4 Windermere 3 95.00
Applegarth Villa JRs Restaurant 0.2 Windermere 16 120.00
Lingwood Lodge 1.5 Windermere 6 85.00
Craig Manor Hotel 0.5 Windermere 26 88.20
Lindeth Fell Country House Hotel 2.1 Windermere 14 190.00
Holbeck Ghyll Country House 2.5 Windermere 23 149.00
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Ellerthwaite Lodge on New Road in Bowness is one of only a handful of hotels in Windermere that offer rooms for under £40.00. The demand for bed & breakfast accommodation is immense around the actual Lake so have a good look round the late deals on offer at hotels like the Broadoaks Country House. Located in nearby Troutbeck, this hotel boasts a tasty boutique character and has some outstanding views. It’s also still close enough to Bowness to enjoy boat-trips and adventures in on the Lake. Windermere is situated halfway along the 12 mile length of the lake between Waterhead at the North end, and Lakeside at the South end. Bowness on Windermere is Lakelands’s most popular destination. Lonsdale House on Lake Road and Southview Guest House next door to the train station are the cheapest Windermere hotels with rates regularly below £50.00.

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